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We have affordable medical care for the whole family!







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We have affordable medical care for small businesses with 10 or more employees!

No Insurance? No Problem! Enroll in Direct Primary Care

Healthcare Navigation Systems believes in providing affordable access to quality patient-centered care. For a monthly membership fee, patients that are under-insured, uninsured, and patients with high deductibles, can have access to a primary care provider to manage their health needs and outcomes better with our Direct Primary Care membership program.

DPC offers direct access to your physician whenever you need it! Text, call, video chat, or email your provider anytime you have questions or concerns with the peace of mind that you will get direct responses and quality care.

DPC gets you more time spent with your provider during each visit, which ensures all your medical needs and concerns are fully addressed. You will be empowered to advocate for your own healthcare, so you can live the quality life that you want and deserve!

As a result, you experience better care coordination of your healthcare services, reduced ER and Urgent Care visits, quality care for chronic disease management, medical cost savings, and more money left in your pockets.

Simple and transparent membership pricing includes unlimited access to your primary care needs!

*Our membership fee structure is based on the age of the patient. Contact us if you have questions or enroll now and start enjoying the benefits of direct primary care today!

Membership Benefits

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